Elsa Campini immagini
Elsa Campini immagini
Una fotografa italiana, vivo a Roma ma posso andare ovunque ci sia qualcosa di meraviglioso da raccontare attraverso le mie immagini.

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I’m Elsa, an Italian photographer, I live in Rome but I can go anywhere there is something wonderful to tell through my images.
I love beauty, capture moments to make them unforgettable, sublimate everything you are experiencing from MY point of view.
My shots are exactly how I see everything around me. With creativity and sincerity.
Each person has something special and absolutely unique in it, I like to discover it and make it emerge from my shots.
I like the kindness of people, the smile of a stranger, the light just before the sun sets, the immensity of the sea in every shade of Blu, the scent of rose that reminds me of my grandmother and her skin so smooth, the poems of Julio Cortazar, the flowers for their delicacy and the animals with their sincere way of communicating with us. I believe in human relationships, I like to empathize with the people who give me the fantastic opportunity to join even for a few moments of their world.

I thank every single moment in which I had this opportunity, it has enriched me and made it even safer than the fact that photography it’s my way of telling life.